Green Pest Control

We have a great product that helps set us apart from the rest in our area. We offer a line of completely natural and organic pest control solutions. 

Our Eco green line gives our clients a truly environmentally friendly option to pest control. Be weary of others who may say they do, when in fact they are only applying the smallest amount of chemical allowed to be applied. Truth is this is already what we all do. We work with an amazing Green products that are composed of natural oils like Cedar oil, Cinnamon oil, or Clove oil, leaving you with a great smell after our technicians leave.   

Green Pest Control kills common pests like spiders, silver fish, Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Moths, Stinkbugs, Mites, Flies, Fleas, Ticks, Ants, Mosquitos and Hornets. The great addition to this is that with an exterior perimeter spray, it can repel even mice rats and snakes. 

The great thing about the Green products we work with is that they are safe for outdoor areas like barns, patios, gardens, picnic tables, lawns, shrubs, and trees. The green product we work with can be applied directly onto vegitation including flower plants, vegatable plants, and fruit trees. This includes crops for human consumption.  Along with being safe for outdoor use it is safe for all indoor uses. 

Our Green products can be applied on a daily basis if necessary, that is how safe they are. 

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